Funeral Advantage About the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage® Program

The Funeral Advantage™ program has two key components:

- The first is a Final Expense Life Insurance Cash Benefit that offers easy qualification and a streamlined application process.
- The seconds is the Family Support Services provided at no additional cost to every policyholder through the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS).

First service Final Expense Life Insurance

Is a life insurance policy with cash benefit that offers easy qualification and a one page aplication process. Also known as funeral insurance, final expense insurance was created to take care of a policy holders family and financial responsibilities.

No routine health or medical examinations are required -only a few health questions to get you amazing insurance plan. Most people get coverage, even with health issues.

The Life Insurance Cash Benefit

Funeral Advantage insurances policies are underwritten by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, one of the nation´s largest final expense insurance companies. We have been helping policy holders cover their funeral costs and other final expenses since 1963.

  • Cash benefits are paid within 24 hours, once a claim is approved.
  • Whole life benefits available up to $20,000.
  • No health examination necessary to apply, just a few health questions on the application.
  • Easy, one-page application.
  • Most people get coverage, even with health issues.
  • Rate and benefit are locked in for the life of the policy for as long as premiums are paid.
  • $100,000 additional benefit for accidental death available.

Second Service The Family Support Services

Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS). is the Support Services provided to your family at no additional cost. Upon the death of a Funeral Advantage policyholder, a representative from the FCGS will immediately take action on your family´s behalf to help surviving loved ones cope with the many details that arise.

The Family Support Services

When a policyholder passes away - we make sure things go smoothly and easily for the loved ones taking care of the arrangements. On your behalf, the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) will protect and support your family.

  • When you enroll for Funeral Advantage plan, you can also decide the style of funeral you want... a final wishes form makes it fast and simple.
  • FCGS keeps your wishes safe and secure on file.
  • 24-hour toll-free service number to call in your families time of need.
  • FCGS immediately compares up to 3 different funeral homes to find the best option available.
  • On average, Families save a $1,800 on traditional funerals and up to $600 on cremation.

The FCGS is not affiliated with any religion, funeral home, cemetery, or any particular funeral approach. There is no obligation or pressure - the FCGS handles that for your family.